CLAPEM 2019: Contributed Sessions

What is a Contributed Session?

A Contributed Session (CS) is a block of coordinated presentations given by speakers, invited by an organizer on a unifying single topic of interest. CS proposals are submitted by the organizer for consideration of the Program Committee. Approved blocks will be scheduled during the congress. Due to the number of CS’s, simultaneous sessions will probably occur and will be planned by the Program Committee in order to minimize thematic overlapping as much as possible.

Rules and Guidelines for CS’s


A CS is two hours long, comprising four 30-minute time slots. Each speaker will typically have 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions. Optionally, the fourth slot may consist of a general discussion tying together three presentations, moderated by a discussant or by the organizer.

Policy and Contents of an CS

A CS should be conceived and planned with the goal of attracting a number of probabilists and statisticians with extremely diverse interests. Exceedingly specialized technical content is not recommended. If an introduction to a setting is deemed necessary for the general public, this may be delivered by the first invited speaker or by the first portion of each presentation. The organizer must aim for a balanced treatment of the topic, which may include an expository review of the subject, new research and methodology, novel applications, and critical analysis and areas of future research.
Selection of CS will favor topics that are current, innovative, emergent and important in probability and statistics, broadness in interest, and balance in content.

Rules regarding selection of organizers, speakers and discussants

All presentations will be in English, the official CLAPEM language.
No person will organize more than one CS, and no invited speaker or discussant will participate in more than a single CS.
The organizer should procure diverse speakers from different countries and institutions, and consider the option of inviting a young person.


Program Committee

Submitted proposals for CS’s will be reviewed and decided upon by the Program Committee, which will be presided by a Chair. Final decisions will be announced on March 28, 2019.

CS Organizers

Organizers are responsible for defining a general topic for the CS, selecting, inviting and supervising a group of invited speakers, and promoting a balanced exposition of the topic. Optionally, the organizer will also invite a discussant. Organizers submit proposals to the Program Committee by March 17th, 2019. They supervise the development of presentations in regard to quality, relevance, and timeliness.
During the meeting, the organizer will act as Chair of the session or arrange for a Chair. The Chair ensures that presentations run on time and in order according to schedule, and moderates questions and answers.

Speakers in a CS

Speakers who accept an invitation to participate in an CS will submit a title and an abstract (300 words) in accordance to the general plan requested by the organizer. See below for deadlines.
Speakers prepare a quality presentation (electronic slides preferable), register for the Congress and present their work during the meeting according to schedule.

Discussants in an CS

A discussant may be agreed upon with the organizer. The responsibilities of a discussant are to be in contact with the organizer for discussion of the content of the CS, and to prepare a discussion (electronic slides preferable) to summarize important issues, advances, and future research.

Submission of CS proposals

Organizers may submit proposals for a CS online here. Be prepared to provide the following information (in English):

  • Name, affiliation, and email address of the organizer.
  • Title of the proposed CS.
  • A brief abstract (1000 characters) of the proposed CS, documenting the general topic, its importance, and the approach visualized to develop the topic within the session.
  • Tentative titles of presentations within the CS block.
  • Names, affiliations, and email addresses of invited speakers.

Important dates regarding CS’s

Deadline for receiving CS proposals online (by organizer): Extended deadline March 17th, 2019.

Final decisions regarding accepted CS’s by the Program Committee: March 28, 2019.

Deadline for receiving abstracts of individual presentations (by organizer): April 28, 2019.